12 Things that Everyone Should Do for Environment Protection

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Environment protection is closely related to everyone. So even as an ordinary person, we can try to change our world through some small things.

1. Buy a reusable shopping bag

There are a lot of plastic products that take 700 years to break down. To reduce the harm it brings, what we can do is to use them as little as possible, developing a habit of bringing a reusable nylon shopping bag when shopping. Eco-friendly shopping bags don't take up too much space, and always have kinds of fun and fashionable styles.

2.Carry your own cup with you

This is actually very easy to do, but it can make a great contribution to the environment protection. One million disposable cups are used and discarded every minute in the world. Most disposable cups are not even recyclable because they usually contain a polyethylene coating that prevents leakage. Therefore, it is best to carry your own cup with you.

3. Use tissue as little as possible

More than 3,000 tons of tissue waste are produced each year in the United States alone. You can place reusable rags in the kitchen and on the laundry table to avoid using as few tissue as possible.

4. Waste classification

Classify the garbage by household, purchase three types of garbage bins, and affix the labels separately. The paper which can be recycled should be placed in a trash can. The batteries which are not recyclable need to be placed in a trash can. And the food residue is preferably set in a trash can.

5. Save water

Turn off the faucet at any time. Try to use secondary water as much as possible. For example, the water for washing rice or vegetables can be used to water flowers; the water after washing an be left to wipe the floor and flush the toilet.

6. Save electricity

Turn off the lights at any time. Use less electric appliances and air conditioners to slow down the steps of the earth warmth. Don't let the TV stand in standby for a long time. Each color TV’s standby state consumes about 1.2 watts per hour. Use energy-saving lamps, although energy-saving lamps are expensive. Cooking rice with warm water and hot water can save 30% electricity compared to cool water.

7. Waste recycling

There are many wastes that can be reused. If they are good, they can be sold to the people in need in second-hand market.

8. Use less disposable plastic products

For example, stop buying bottled water and say “no” to plastic straws; some plastic bottles take 450 years to break down, therefore, its time for us to stop buying bottled water and use reusable alternative products.

9. Choose public transport

Travel as much as possible by bus, subway, bicycle, drive less private car to reduce exhaust emissions. People with private cars should try to use unleaded gasoline, because lead will seriously damage people's health and intelligence.

10. Don't waste food

There are about one-third of the world's food is thrown away or wasted every year. If you have leftovers after dinner, you can put them into a crisper and store them in the refrigerator. In addition, you can plan your diet for the next week in advance, which will prevent you from wasting too much food and save a lot of money.

11. Use a rechargeable battery

The chemicals in the battery are very harmful to the environment. Although we can't completely abandon them, we can avoid this harm as much as possible. For example, you can use a more durable rechargeable battery.

12. Refuse over-packaging

The packaging cost of many commodities such as cosmetics and health care products has accounted for 30% to 50% of the total cost. Over-packaging adds the financial burden to consumers and increases the amount of waste that pollutes the environment.

Environment protection is everyone's responsibility, and I hope that everyone can start from daily life.

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