5 Infant Toys Accompanying Baby Through Sensitive Period of 0-5 Years Old

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Toys can help each growing baby. With the right use, toys can help parents grasp the sensitive period of their children in a timely manner, while providing a rich and freely explored learning environment for their baby, which can effectively help the baby become a capable individual. Parents are often blind when choosing toys. They will follow their own preferences and adult thinking, ignoring the baby's real needs and the baby's perspective to judge the fun of the toy. The following describes 5 types of infant toys, which can help the baby to pass the sensitive period of 0-5 years old.

First: comfort toys with the function of sound and light music (0-6 months)

The newborn is very sensitive to light. At this time, the baby needs to adapt to the light difference between day and night, so open the curtains during the day and turn off the lights at night to let the baby adapt to the natural light changes. The sound and light comfort toy, in addition to giving the baby a familiar sense of security, it is also helpful for the baby's language enlightenment. Parents should take care in the selection of such toys. It is best to choose the lights and sounds that can be controlled to prevent the toys from causing sound and light damage to the baby.

Second: Safe and reliable oral trainer (4-12 months)

The eruption of baby deciduous teeth is mostly 4-10 months old, and some are as late as 12 months. In general, a one-year-old child will have 6-8 teeth. In the process of germination of the deciduous teeth, the baby's saliva increases, they will drool, like to bite hard things, or bite fingers and mother's nipples. At this time, the baby likes to eat their fingers. He tries and feels with his mouth. Therefore, some oral trainer can be selected at this age. The choice of such toys should note: edible materials, safe, non-toxic and antibacterial.

Third: Toys raining hands and feet actions (6-24 months)

The process of sitting, climbing, standing, and walking is gradual. The best way for your child to grow up healthily is that parents should not interfere baby's movements, especially not to correct baby's posture.

As a parent, just give him a few items that attract his attention, such as crawling toys or other sounding items, put the toy or item in front to let baby freely explore, and find a safe table when he tries to stand up. When he is learning to walk,  parents should take the lead and let him slowly move forward. Don't neglect to guide or limit his freedom because of your impatience and lack of time.

When purchasing toys that train hands and feet, the anti-collision resistance is the most important consideration. In addition to the smooth corners, it should be not dangerous. It is also resistant to play and attracts the baby to move the hands and feet.

Fourth: Early childhood educational toys such as logical thinking training, literacy, painting and music training (3-6 years old)

The baby is in a sensitive period of comprehensive knowledge absorption. In order to leave a child with a feeling of preference rather than resistance, it is best not to force and stipulate what the child should learn. The best behavioral mode is to provide a high-quality environment to help children learn and grow. The generation of educational toys is justified. It lets the children learn to grow up in play. To pick a child's toy for this period, you need to ask yourself first, what effect does this toy have on your baby, whether he likes it, or if we want him to like it.

Fifth: Role playing toys(2-5 years old)

These toys have a great impact on the self-awareness, identity confirmation, interpersonal relationship, social norms, and interest development of 2-5 year old babies. Children begin to worship an idol and hopes that he is the idol. In the kindergarten, there are often children wearing Snow White costumes. You must call her Snow White before she promises you. For role-playing games, children will be very interested, especially for social roles such as police, architects, firefighters, etc., which can be used to create a lively, positive, self-managing and socially motivated baby.  

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