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Children's toys are definitely the first choice on the list of gifts for children. But do you really know how to choose a toy for your child? Where is the consumption misunderstanding of toys?

Misunderstanding 1: We value the early education function of the toys too much,So that it hits his enthusiasm when the baby is playing .

Many parents will want to strengthen the things in the toy into knowledge to teach the baby, such as using toys as teaching aids, teaching the baby to count, remember words, and so on. In fact, this is not necessary, we recommend that the baby grow up naturally.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare different gifts for children at different stages. For example, 0-3 years old children can choose intelligent educational toys such as building blocks, puzzle toys and DIY toys.

Misunderstanding 2:Your baby grows fast, and you want to buy some toys for the baby that he can play even when them grow up.

Many parents will have the idea of buying some toys for the baby that he can play even when them grow up. So,The utilization rate of toys is much improved. However, if the toy is not suitable for the baby's current age, it may cause accidental injury to the baby. On the other hand, when the baby grows up, it may lose interest in such toys. Baby loves things that he can control, whether it is a toy or not. Sometimes we will also wonder why a baby can play a roll of toilet paper silently for a long time; The interest in the toys we chose was not so strong. The reason is actually very simple: too difficult, the baby can not master; too simple, can not bring a sense of accomplishment to the baby. Therefore, parents are advised to choose toys of appropriate age and variety of gameplay for their baby.

Misunderstanding 3: There are so many toys on the street, just buy one casually, and It will be broken after a few days of playing.

Toys can not be bought casually. Most of the toys of small vendors and small shops are cheap and inferior. This toys are made of the plastics that are recycled from the hospital. Maybe the toy in your child's hand is this toy. it is terrible to think about it.

Misunderstanding 4: Some plush toys are so expensive, some are so cheap, so it must be that the business is too dark and deliberately raises the price.

You get what you pay for, the filler inside the cheap plush toys may be that you throw away the dirty rag which with bad mold and hard block ,such toys dare to play for children?

Misunderstanding 5:I like this toy and I want to buy it for my child.

The favorite toys do not necessarily mean that it is suitable. Many toys have an age range for children. Please be cautious to buy. If parents do not reasonably purchase toys of appropriate age, it may cause children to be life-threatening.

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