6 Reasons Why You Need A Reusable Shopping Bag

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Some people pursue convenience in their life. So when shopping, they often choose to buy plastic bags directly from the supermarket to load their own items. However, more and more people are starting to go shopping with their own bags. Considering the environment protection , we advocate that everyone can use reusable shopping bags, and use less plastic bags.

The hazards of plastic bags

Plastic bags and other disposable plastic products have indeed brought convenience to our lives, but their recycling value is too low. In addition to the “visual pollution” which is caused by plastic bags scattered in urban streets, tourist areas, water bodies, roads and railways, it still exists potential hazards.

1. Affect agricultural development. The accumulation of waste plastic products in the soil will affect the absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in crop production reduction.

2. Threaten animals survival. Waste plastic products discarded on land or in water are swallowed by animals as food, it will cause animals death.

3. Waste plastics will not only occupy a large amount of land with landfill, but also the occupied land will not be restored for a long time, which will affect the sustainable use of the land.

4. High temperature will decompose toxic substances. Plastic products are non-toxic substances themselves, but since its recycling equipment is not perfect, the process is simple, and many manufacturers have no legal business license, it results in poisoning substances precipitating and infiltrating into food when re-production of plastic products at temperatures up to 65 ° C. This causes harm to the important parts of the body such as the liver, kidneys, reproductive system and central nervous system.

Six reasons for using reusable shopping bags

Due to the various hazards of plastic bags, reusable shopping bags will become the choice of more and more people.

1. Efficiency and Effectiveness

The eco-friendly shopping bag has the characteristics of softness and wear resistance, and can be folded into various forms. It is convenient to carry, and the capacity is larger and more efficient. When you go out, you can fold it in your handbag or pocket. You can bring it into the store to load everything you buy. If you accidentally have liquid flowing into the reusable shopping bag when using, you can also maintain the hygiene of the reusable shopping bag by washing.

2. Environmental protection

Using environmental-friendly bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags and reduce the spread of white pollution; it can also reduce waste and prevent harmful toxins from entering the air and waterways. Reusable shopping bags generally do not enter the ocean, avoiding the ingestion of marine animals and reducing the death of marine animals.

3.Better than Paper Bags

Many people choose to use paper bags when they give up using plastic bags, but the negative impact of the use of paper bags on the environment is still very large. The production material of paper bags is based on trees. Mass production of paper bags means that we will cut down trees in large quantities, which will have an impact on global warming. The transportation of paper bags will consume more fule because their weight is more than plastic bags. Of course, the paper bag has a very short service life if it is exposed to water during use. So using a reusable shopping bag would be a better option.

4.Fashionable and Abundance of Variety

The reusable shopping bag is beautifully printed, medium in size and versatile. It can load many things, such as fresh food, clothing, toys, documents, etc. Stylish eco-friendly shopping bags such as some nylon shopping bags can help you keep up with the fast-paced fashion trends. 

5.Conservation of Natural Resources

One feature of eco-friendly shopping bags is that they can be recycled, which reduces our use of plastic bags and protects our land and water resources.

6.Incentives and Legislation

At present, many governments encourage and require people to use reusable shopping bags. Some countries have begun to make people reduce the use of plastic bags through plastic limit orders. Many supermarkets no longer provide free plastic bags. Therefore, the use of reusable shopping bags is inevitable. .

Bring your reusable shopping bag out!

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