All Kinds of Bathrooms, Don't You Want to See?

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A bath cap is a waterproof cap used to wrap hair and ears in order not to wet your hair or make your ears difficult to get into the water. Refined with high quality waterproof cloth, beautiful appearance, soft and comfortable, waterproof and breathable, is the necessary products for women to bathe, protect hair, beauty and makeup to remove makeup. If you have long hair, you can put your hair up first and then wear a hat, so that you can bathe, make-up feel fresh, convenient; after use, please hang up to dry, and can not be exposed to the sun.

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Although the bath cap is convenient and easy to use, it is, after all, a chemical product. Many people still worry about whether the bath cap will be harmful to the body. Bathrobe cap is not harmful to human hair, as long as it is not long-term wear no harm to hair. The bath cap should have a bigger effect on the scalp so that your scalp won't heat up and your scalp's pores won't breathe. But it should be okay to wash your face for so little time, just don't use that dry hair cap. Say what strong water absorption let hair dry, in fact, just washed hair should let the scalp full breathing. Wearing it for a long time can make your hair worse and even lose your hair. But washing your face is not a big problem. Real If you take care of your hair, buy a wide band on your forehead like a hairpin, and then tie up the hair in the back.

bath cap

With the continuous upgrading of bath cap, more and more kinds of bath cap began to appear in the market. These include baby bathrooms and children's baths. These two bath caps, because of the user's age relationship, need to be more careful and careful, pay attention to time and safety measures when using. Since naughty is the nature of the child, they must be accompanied by parents when they use it.

As long as it is not a disposable bath cap, after use must be cleaned, cleaning requirements are very simple, soap, do not use washing powder and other residues harmful to the body on the line, rinse clean and cool dry, you can.

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