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Children's Day is coming, every child hopes that they can receive the perfect gift on Children's Day, then parents need to carefully prepare children's day gifts. So what suitable for the purchase of children toys to children as a children’s day gift? Let me introduce you!

1. Microscope set

At first glance, it may seem bland, but its accessories are complete! In addition to the microscope body, there are a series of tools such as tweezers, slides, straws, and petri dishes. In addition, a set of biological specimens are also included. It looks beautiful under the microscope! Pay attention to the use of slides. Be careful of children scraping their hands.

2. Rainbow building blocks

The colored building blocks must be recommended this family, is really beautiful to suffocate. Their building blocks are famous for their colors and shapes. They are often used by language and occupational therapists and have magical healing abilities. This kind of building blocks feel too good, in the home to do decoration, is also a very beautiful, its color collocation can make people happy, forget sadness, not only children suitable, adults are also very useful!

3. Prism

This is a kind of scientific material to stimulate children's curiosity, cheap and fun. Put the prism under the sun and turn the prism to see the rainbow's seven colors. Light shoots from one side of the prism, shoots from the other, and then deflects the third edge. The children will no longer have to wait for the sun to rain before they see the rainbow.

4. Archaeological toys

Start with a hammer, carefully and gently, and then clean with a handful of tools, such as a shovel and a brush, until you get an unknown treasure. To a large extent, it stimulates the child's curiosity and children's ability to do things. It can also indirectly cultivate children's admiration and love for antiquities. 

As an intelligent magic toy, the store will also prepare boxes and stickers for children to carefully "collect" the excavated treasures. This archaeological toy also has a dinosaur version, a marine life version, and a Gemstone version. It's too much fun to stop. It's too much fun to stop. However, it should be noted that according to the price and cost calculation, the material of the archaeological brick should be desulfurized gypsum, that is, the gypsum material that we usually use when we decorate, which is still very different from the natural gypsum. For example, there is odor, and there are substances that may even produce radioactivity in the case of poor production. Parents should be aware that children must be played to the child's protection measures, such as wearing masks and glasses, or sprinkle a little water on it to avoid the fly of plaster powder.

5. Flour Intelligent Educational Magic Corn 

Actually, DIY kit is a good choice as the intelligent educational toy. When children can build their own kingdom with their own imagination and hands, their sense of satisfaction and joy is self-evident. Of course, safety is very important for children, so this toy with corn as a raw material is also very suitable as a gift for Children's Day.

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