Do You Know the Use of Washing Bag?

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When we wash some special clothes with a washing machine, we are always afraid of breaking or dyeing the clothes. The laundry washing bag played an important role at this time.

The benefits of Using a Laundry Washing Bag

1. Avoid damage to clothes

2. Avoid contamination caused by contact between clothing and outerwear

3. Can avoid the dyeing of other clothes caused by the color of the clothes

4. Avoid clothing knotting and tangling in the washing machine, making it lighter

5. Minimize the wear and tear of the clothes in the bag, so that the high-grade clothes are durable and not deformed.

laundry washing bags

Laundry Washing Bag Selection

1. Net selection

The laundry washing bag is divided into a coarse mesh and a fine mesh. The fine mesh laundry bag can protect the fabric from friction and prevent pilling and deformation, but the cleaning power is weak. The coarse net laundry bag is the opposite. Can bring better cleaning, but the protection of the fabric is weak.

2. Shape selection

The shape of the laundry washing bag is different, and the effect of washing and protection is also different. At present, the design of the laundry washing bag is various, and the laundry washing bag of a suitable shape is selected according to the type of the clothes. For example, the pill-shaped laundry washing bag is suitable for washing underwear, the triangular three-dimensional laundry bag is suitable for washing socks, the tubular laundry washing bag is suitable for washing thick sweaters, and the square is suitable for washing shirts.

3. Size selection

The size of the laundry washing bag is usually determined according to the type of clothes to be washed. Generally, the size of the tops and pants is relatively large, and the medium size can be selected; the size of the socks and underwear is relatively small, and the size can be selected. One is enough; for large clothes such as down jackets, it is best to buy 1-2 two large laundry washing bags. Usually for the tops and trousers to place 2-5 pieces, the state is relatively loose, not too tight, otherwise the cleaning process may be uneven and not clean.

laundry washing bags

The Correct Steps to Use Laundry Washing Bags

1. Put up to 3 pieces of clothing per bag

In addition to the role of protection, cleaning clothes is also an important function, you can put 3 pieces at a time, put too much clothes into it, will reduce the cleaning effect, put too little clothing, it will reduce the protection function - increase clothing and laundry washing bag and water flow friction.

2. Wash underwear with a laundry bag

Wash underwear and emphasize the use of special laundry washing bags. A bag is almost 2-3 pieces.

3. Put clothes in the laundry washing bag and wash it more cleanly

There is friction between the laundry washing bag and the clothes, so putting the clothes in the laundry washing bag and washing them will wash them more cleanly.

4. The laundry washing bag should be dried

After the laundry washing bag is used up, it should be placed in a ventilated place to keep it clean.

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