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Baby Bath Details


Baby's skin is quite delicate, not mature yet, and the metabolism of the baby's skin is stronger than that of the adult. The skin of the skin is also more likely to be dirty, so give the baby a bath and keep the baby's body fresh and comfortable. So what details you  should pay attention to when bathing your baby?

1. The water temperature is between 38 and 41 degrees Celsius

Mothers bathe their baby, and the temperature of the water that is too hot or too cold is not suitable. Medical recommendation, the best water temperature for baby bathing is around 38 °C - 41 °C. Among them, the summer water temperature is 38 ° C -39 ° C, and the winter water temperature is 38 ° C -41 ° C is more suitable. It is best to use a special water temperature meter to measure the water temperature, which is more accurate.

If the mother chooses to test the temperature by hand, it is best to use the two sensitive parts of the back of the hand or the front of the wrist (the part where the skin test needle is made). As long as you feel that the water is warm and not hot, it will probably be fine.

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2. Prevent water from splashing on your baby's face or ears

When bathing, you should prevent water from splashing on your baby's face or ears. If you find a dry towel to help your baby wipe immediately, prevent eye irritation and inflammation of the ear. Water in baby’s eyes and ears can also cause your baby to be afraid of bathing. To avoid getting your eyes and ears in, you can bring your baby a shower cap or baby shampoo hat.

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3. Pleasantly communicate with your baby while taking a shower

When the baby is taking a bath, you can try to communicate emotionally with your baby. Although the baby is too young to respond with words, the child can know that bathing is a very happy thing from the pleasure of the adults. This can make your child feel safe and does not exclude bathing.

4. Carefully clean the baby's body where it is easy to hide

Baby skin metabolism is strong, so you should pay attention to the body's cleanliness. The baby's skin folds are easy to hide dirt. Parents need to pay attention to clean, so as not to cause the skin to be uncomfortable.

5. Apply lightly to prevent bruising your baby's skin

The skin layer of the baby is thinner. Parents should use the strength when bathing the baby to prevent it from hurting the baby or hurting the baby's skin. Do not rub the baby's skin with a rough surface such as a bath towel or a thick towel, so that the baby's skin will feel pain.

6. The bottom of the tub should have an anti-slip mat

When you take a shower, there will be water droplets in the bathroom. Be sure to do a good job of slipping, whether it is for children or parents to prevent falling. It is best to lay a non-slip mat in the corners of the bathroom to prevent the baby from falling or falling when the parent embraces the baby.

7. Baby eczema should be kept clean

While the baby has eczema bathing, the affected area of eczema must be clear and clean. If necessary, apply baby soap and rinse the soap thoroughly. Keeping the baby's skin clean and refreshed will help the baby's skin to recover.

8. Do not take a shower immediately after feeding.

Mothers should not give the child a bath immediately after breastfeeding because the child's stomach is not yet mature and just enough to eat. If the bath may cause the food in the stomach to flow backward, let the child spit milk, it may also cause suffocation. It is recommended to feed the child after 1 hour and then bathe the child.

9. Precautions after bathing

Many parents like to give the baby a talcum powder after bathing, but it is important to note that the main material of the talcum powder is talcum powder. It is best for girls not to apply talcum powder to the inside of the thigh to prevent entering the girl's vagina and induce disease. After bathing your baby, don't hug your kid right away. Keep your child's hair and body clean. Wait until your baby is dry. Without any discomfort, take a walk with your child after about 1 hour.

After paying attention to these bathing details, the novice mother should be able to bathe the baby better.

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