Some Details of Baby Shampooing

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It is not an easy task to wash your baby's hair. The baby is young and not easy to bow down. If you are not careful, it will make your baby cry. How to help your baby wash your hair to make your baby comfortable? Let's learn together!

1. Baby Shampooing's Posture

Parents should take a sitting position and let the baby's body lie on the parents' lap, then the mother can hold the baby's head with her hand and face the baby. Next, the parents need to place the basin in a slightly higher position between the legs and wrap the baby in a large bath towel. The palm of your left hand holds the baby's neck, and the fingers hold the head. Then, the parents can buckle the baby's ear with the thumb and middle finger. This will not cause injury to your baby, but it will also prevent your baby's ears from getting into the water.

shampoo hat

2. Recommended Artifacts for Your Baby's Shampoo

At present, there is a "baby shampoo hat" designed for infants and toddlers. It looks like a straw hat at the top, which can block the baby's eyes, ears and nose. It effectively prevents shampoo and water droplets from immersing in the baby's eyes, so that the parents no longer have to worry about washing the baby. The method of using the shampoo cap is very simple. The mother only needs to adjust the position of the rear end of the shampoo cap so that it matches the baby's head circumference. Then put the hat close to the ear and expose the hair from the top of the hat.

The most fearful thing for your baby to wash your hair is that the foam or water will enter your eyes. If the parents can bring a goggle to the baby, then you don't have to worry about bubbles and water coming into the eyes when you wash your hair. There are glasses on the market that are specially designed for baby shampooing. They are cute and have small earplugs. Novice moms can try it.

Some babies resist shampooing because the water in the shower head is too large and the sound is loud. Mothers may wish to rinse their hair with a teapot or a watering can with water. In this way, the amount of water is relatively soft, and the babies are more likely to adapt. And this is also more conducive to the parents to increase the opportunity to exchange hair when washing the baby. The baby hears the voice of the parents and he can distract the baby's attention, and the shampoo is not tense.

When you wash your baby, you can prepare a small mirror. After applying the shampoo to him, let the baby take the mirror and admire the "various hairstyle" you gave him with foam. This little game can increase the fun of baby shampooing, and the baby will not be so resistant to shampoo.

shampoo hat

3.Baby Shampooing's Attention Points

The first point is that parents can transfer their baby's attention through emotional communication. Part of the reason why a baby is afraid of washing his hair is because he lacks a sense of security and produces fear. Therefore, every time he washes his hair, he will cry and reluctantly. At this time, I need my parents to give more emotional comfort to the baby. When washing your hair, keep your baby's body as close as possible to your chest, and contact your upper body more closely. Don't over-hang your baby's head too much.

The second point is the choice of shampoo. The choice of shampoo is exquisite. Excessive alkalinity in adult shampoos can damage your baby's scalp sebum, causing dry and itchy scalp and shortening hair life. Therefore, parents should choose a regular brand of baby-specific shampoo to ensure that it is pure and gentle, and can’t irritate the skin and eyes. Moreover, the shampoo used by the baby must be easy to clean, and it cannot be washed for a long time.

The third point is about water temperature and strength. The water temperature of shampoo should not be too low or too high. Otherwise, the uncomfortable feeling will make the baby more resistant to shampooing. It is recommended that the water temperature be maintained at 37-38 ° C, and the water temperature in winter can be slightly higher than the summer by 3 ° C ~ 5 ° C. When the mother washes her baby, the movement must be gentle. The baby's skin is tender. If the action is too strong, it will easily damage or even inflame the baby's skin.

The last point is the frequency of shampooing. Parents can judge according to the baby's emotional condition. It is best to wash it every other day. The number of times shampoo is used also requires some control. Do not use shampoo more than 3 times a week.

I believe that as long as you pay attention to the small details of each of the above, the parents can make some progress in washing the baby.

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