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The Essential baby bath products mother must have


Every baby has to face the problem of taking a bath from the beginning of birth. The new moms often get busy with the baby at the beginning, so it is more effective to prepare some bath products before the baby takes a bath. There are many types of toiletries that need to be prepared before the baby is ready to take a bath. The following is a detailed list of the items.

1. Bathtub

The baby bath should be considered for safety first. The soft material must be around the tub to protect your baby's safety and avoid bruises. The baby bath is best to choose high-quality materials, wear resistance is good, and the hand feels soft. The baby is moving, so the bathtub should have a non-slip surface so that the baby does not slip when bathing. The tub should preferably have a sloping air cushion back so that the baby can comfortably lie on it for a full-length shower. In addition, the bathtub can have some beautiful cartoon patterns or some vivid colors, so that the baby can enhance the baby's ability to distinguish while enjoying the bathing pleasure.

Baby Bathtub

2. Towels, bath towels, Baby Shampoo Hat

The most important thing is that towels need to meet the safety standards for direct contact with infant skin. Secondly, the towel needs to be made of cotton material so that it does not damage the baby's delicate skin. The water absorption of the towel is also a very important factor when purchasing a towel. The towel absorbs water well and can absorb water quickly when it comes into contact with your baby's skin.

Bath towels for babies are best not to choose products that are particularly smooth and soft to the touch. Particularly smooth and soft products are generally excessively softeners. It is recommended to buy cotton bath towels. The material of pure cotton is generally more wooden and does not have a particularly smooth feeling. It is recommended that the mother choose a bath towel that is dye-free and has no chemical treatment and retains the taste of the natural ingredients.

baby bath towels

When a parent washes his baby, it is easy to cause water to flow into the baby's eyes, nose and ears, and the baby shampoo cap can prevent this. The baby shampoo cap can also play the role of caring for the baby's delicate head. At the same time, the baby shampoo cap also helps to prevent the baby from catching a cold. During the shampooing, the baby is very likely to cause cold symptoms because of the cold, and if the baby uses the shampoo cap, there is naturally no cold problem.

It is best to choose a shampoo cap made of soft, elastic and environmentally friendly materials. This shampoo cap is not easy to damage your baby's skin. Mothers need to choose a telescopic button shampoo cap that can adjust the size of the head circumference. It is suitable for different head circumference sizes, so that the baby can wear more comfortable and easy to remove, and avoid forcibly putting it on the head. You can choose a shampoo cap with an arc design to facilitate drainage while reducing the discomfort caused by water dripping from the head. Finally, in terms of color, it is best to choose a colorful, lively shampoo cap that will attract attention and calm the baby.

baby shampoo cap

3. Shower gel, shampoo, skin care products

Compared with adult skin, the baby's skin is more sensitive and delicate, and requires more careful care. The acidity and alkalinity and naturalness of the toiletries are extremely high. When choosing shampoo, bath and skin care products for infants and toddlers, the principle is to try to choose products containing pure natural ingredients.

Baby's scalp is very sensitive and is particularly susceptible to chemicals such as fragrances and fragrances. Mothers should pay attention to this. Choose a tear-free formula whenever possible. The tear-free formula can nourish the eyes, moisturize the hair and prevent skin irritation. The most important thing is that mothers try to choose the baby products of big brands, which will be safer and more reliable.

The child's skin is very delicate. Many children's shower gels on the market contain very strong surfactants, which are potentially irritating to the skin. Long-term use of such children's shower gel will destroy the child's natural oil layer.
Therefore, when choosing a shower gel for your child, you must choose a child-specific one, and pay attention to the choice of ingredients that are natural, non-irritating, alcohol, and heavy metal. At the same time, the skin of the newborn baby is weakly acidic. The choice of weak acid shower gel helps to maintain the normal physiological function of the baby's skin.

The baby's smooth skin is always addictive. To keep your baby's delicate skin, you should choose the right baby skin care products. Your baby's skin care products should not have too much foam, and products with more foam may have a certain stimulating effect.
It is important to note that baby skin care products generally have more moisture, so the feeling of being applied to the skin is much thinner than that of adult skin care products. Therefore, good quality baby skin care products are easier to spread and not sticky.

4. Fun bath baby toys

While you bathe your baby, if you can have some baby bath toys with bright colors and cute shapes, you will definitely have a lot of fun for your baby. Mothers can choose to Protective Non Toxic Bath Squirt Toys, this fun little toy will make children like to take a bath more quickly. For the baby, the bathing time with the toy is like a game, he will like it more and more. Mothers should try to choose a branded toy, with a 3C logo to verify the safety of the toy. For the material of the toy, choose safe and non-toxic. After the toy arrives, try to check each part and parts carefully to prevent the baby from being hurt. 

Protective Non Toxic Bath Squirt Toys

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