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Children's growth and development are both gradual in proper order and growing up, both physiologically and intelligently. Each stage has different characteristics. Choosing the right DIY intelligent educational toys for different characteristics not only helps children's growth and intellectual development, but also reduces unnecessary financial burdens and problems for parents.

Physiologically, children's growth and development are mainly divided into the following four stages.

①Babyhood, which is less than 1 year old, grows most rapidly and vigorously, and the brain develops very quickly, and then they start to walk, exercise, simple memory and language. So we should choose building blocks, building toys to train their fine movements,hand muscles, and exercise hand-eye coordination; Music and piano toys can stimulate their hearing sense, let them understand the development of causality; Shape classification toys can develop their shape concept, and establish a preliminary classification concept.

building blocks

②Early childhood, which is 1 to 3 years old, rapid development of intelligence, movement and language, and They have large imitation and high personality plasticity. At this time, we should pay attention to the early education suitable for age characteristics. We can choose building blocks, building toys to develop their space concept; choose stacked toys

to develop their concept of size; choose beads lacing toys to exercise hand-eye coordination, develop patience and durability; choose puzzle toys to develop reasoning ability of shape and spatial .

③ Preschool age, which is 4-6 years old, with rich thinking and imitation skills, and began to form memories and some habits. We can choose structural toys (building blocks, sand, soil, leaves and other natural materials) to cultivate their thinking ability and creativity; choose intellectual educational toys (chess, cards, puzzles, etc.) to develop their intelligence and train their agility of thinking.

④ School age,which is after 7 years of age, the brain is more developed and intellectual development is strong. At this time, we should choose the operational intelligent educational toys to promote their intellectual development and improve their network of thinking.

Of course, in addition to helping children's growth and development with some external toys, it is equally important to meeting children's psychological needs and material needs.

First of all, children need love and security. Parental love is very important for children's mental health. Children who are always together with parents can feel the safety of their family and surroundings, they have a stable and lasting connection with parents, and they can have a heart full of love. Second, children need a new experience. The new experience is a prerequisite for intellectual development, enabling young children to learn how to learn and feel the joy and success of constant conquest. Third, they need praise and recognition. Children need a lot of learning to grow up. It is inevitable that they encounter contradictions and setbacks during the learning process. Children need more encouragement and recognition and confidence. Finally, they need a sense of responsibility. Children sometimes like independence and take responsibility. Parents should support and appropriate reminders to make children to build courage, confidence and ability.

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