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At different stages, to meet the needs of the child's development, we need to use certain intelligent educational toys to assist, so, what is suitable for children from 1 to 3 years old play?

1. Paintbrushes and Children's drawing board

Scrabble is the first step in baby art enlightenment. Brush and drawing board can help the baby develop self-expression, observation, cognitive ability, imagination, hand and foot coordination ability, aesthetic and self-confidence.

2. Leather ball

Ball toys can be prepared several more, large small, different touch. Ball exercise baby grip, throw. Big balls can be rolled, slapped or kicked. This can exercise the baby limbs coordination ability, balance force and so on.

3. Plug and set toys

Different shapes correspond to different pillars. Only the correct combination can enter the stack height, and different shapes can be placed in the corresponding empty space. This can help the baby establish a sense of space, improve the accuracy of movements and the ability to coordinate hands and feet, distinguish shapes, and develop mathematical logic intelligence.

4. Building block toys

Building blocks can be raised, grown, bridged, colored houses, trains, flowers, etc. This can improve the baby's sense of space, promote hand and eye coordination, imagination. Through imitation, classification construction, can improve the baby's observation ability, ability to distinguish, promote brain development.

5. Three-dimensional picture book

When the baby starts trying to express herself in words, it's best for the mother to stick with the picture book she reads with her baby every day, the kind of book with a large picture, with little or no text. Through continuous picture book reading, it can stimulate the baby's imagination and cultivate the baby's language expression ability.

From 2 to 3 years of age, the body and mind of the baby are developing rapidly, like to imitate, memory is also very good, rapid progress. Choosing suitable toys is good for the baby's physical and mental development.

If you want to exercise your baby's sense of balance, the ability to coordinate hands and feet, and the body's flexible and skillful toys, such as tricycle, scooter and other toys.

Exercise the baby's communication ability, hands-on ability, take care of yourself and others to play with kitchen toys, diagnosis and treatment dolls, toolbox, can change clothes dolls and so on.
Exercise baby thinking ability, memory, improve brain development play with flying chess, Solitaire playing cards and so on.

Exercise the baby's rhythm, imagination, the ability to play with the piano, dance carpet, clay and finger painting and so on.

Exercise your baby's patience, focus, and observation with magnetic tablets, mane toys, castle blocks, puzzle toys, DIY kit and so on.

In fact, children between the ages of 2 and 3 do not need a lot of children gifts, but choosing toys involves choosing the toys they need and the ones that are good for them. At the same time, remind you that when choosing toys for children, you must pay attention to choosing toys made of safe and non-toxic materials.

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