The Role of Toys for Children

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Toy games are not just about playing, they are a good form of educating children. For example, children in the game, sometimes playing the "traffic police", holding a baton in their hands, carefully directing vehicles and pedestrians; sometimes playing "doctors" to see patients, and sometimes using building blocks to "build buildings", as if they were architects. No matter what role children play, they have to imagine what their "role" is, to imitate their movements and language, to experience their feelings and attitudes towards people, to learn from them serious and responsible, enthusiastic people and other noble qualities, such a game for children in the future regardless of any work, will lay a good foundation.

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The use of toy games can cultivate the good character of infants and young children is an effective means of ideological and moral education. In the game, young children imitate the attitude of adults to labor and all things, experience people's thoughts and feelings, can gradually understand the moral code of conduct and fashion of society. The use of toy games can educate young children in aesthetic education. Colorful games, for young children to obtain aesthetic sense to create conditions, young children in the game, not only can feel the United States, but also improve aesthetic ability, and can learn to use a variety of means to create beauty.

The significance of children's toy structure game is mainly through the construction of various objects or buildings by young children, can promote the development of thinking and hands-on habits, the formation of the purpose of hand and brain use, in the process of using a variety of materials, can directly understand the properties of various substances, understand the shape of various materials, quantity, etc. And in the structure to obtain the use of a variety of materials knowledge and experience, and the child's design, conception of the ability, can also be exercised. If the building blocks to be a piece of land, a layer of spelling, build a building, built into a reservoir, after many failures will be successful, which is a good way to exercise the will of young children.

Toys are children's Angels, why say so? Toys play a huge role in the process of young children's understanding of the world around them. Toys with its bright color, beautiful, bizarre shape, dexterous activities, melodious sound and so on to attract the child's curiosity and attention. Toys are specific actual objects, similar to the physical image, can meet the toddler's desire to start the brain, manipulate and fiddle with objects. Toys variety, play changeable, can arouse the interest of young children, good toys can stimulate children's desire to play games, is a textbook for young children to learn, but also their favorite life good companion.

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