The Role of Toys in Children's Growth

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First, baby toys can arouse children's enthusiasm for activities

The child's physical and mental development is achieved in the activity. Toys can be arbitrary for young children to fiddle with, manipulate and use, in line with the young children's psychological hobbies and ability level. Can meet the needs of their activities, improve the enthusiasm of activities. For example, "Rocking horse" toys, young children will naturally ride, swinging back and forth, not only to meet the requirements of their activities, but also to make them produce positive and pleasant emotions, so long play tired. Also such as "doll" toys, can cause young children to do a variety of activities, children of all ages according to their own life experience, with dolls to play games, can be from simple to complex, varied.



Second, baby toys can enhance perceptual understanding.

Toys have the characteristics of intuitive image, young children can touch, take, listen, blow, see and so on, conducive to the training of various senses. Such as color tower, blow molding toys, plush toys, a variety of dolls and toy animals, such as conducive to visual training; octopus cubs, small piano, tambourine, small prick and so on can train hearing; building blocks, laminated pieces, structural models can develop space perception; all kinds of jigsaw puzzles, inlaid toys, soft plastic toys and so on can exercise touch feeling; Lahan , Tricycles, two-wheeled vehicles and so on, but also contribute to the development of sports awareness. Toys in the development of sensory and athletic ability not only enrich the perceptual knowledge of young children, but also help to consolidate the impression that young children get in life, when young children do not have extensive contact with real life, they are through toys to understand the world.



Third, baby toys can cause children's association activities.

Such as hospital toys, doll home toys can cause young children to the Hospital and Family Association, can promote young children to carry out creative role games; some labor tools toys, can cause young children to plant trees, river digging, construction and other simulated labor. Some toys are specially used for thinking training, such as a variety of chess, a variety of intellectual toys, etc., can improve early childhood analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, reasoning and other abilities, training depth of thinking, flexibility and agility.


Iv. actively carry out thinking, imagination and other activities

And manifested through other activities of the hand or body. Such as playing "plastic" toys, children want to conceive, to imagine, to achieve the intended purpose of the choice of materials, hands-on assembly, both to do, but also to move the brain. Young children in the use of toys activities will encounter some difficulties, these difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome, and adhere to the completion of the task, thus training to overcome difficulties, the excellent quality of progressive.


V. Contribute to the development of a collective concept and a spirit of cooperation.

Some toys are required for young children to use together. Such as "phone" toys, to have both sides of the call, and even a pager, can help children understand learning life experience, practice and peer cooperation. Also such as "Long rope" toys, itself will require many children to use collectively, young children in the long rope game, coordinate each other's movements, enhance the collective concept.

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