Top 9 Children's Intelligent Educational Toys

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At different stages of child growth, appropriate intelligent educational toys can effectively help young children to develop their ability and growth experience in some aspects, and then recommend the top 9 intelligent educational toys in line with the needs of child development.


3 months old babies can play the "ring" with one hand skillfully and happily, they are to enhance the taste or vision, they try to feel the toys, experience the feeling with the hand, observe the color of the toy with the eyes, taste the variety of taste with the mouth.


Anyone can throw a ball when babies are 6 month old ,This time the ball is most attractive to them. The ball roll forward, the child will trace the ball. If mother always plays with them,even better.

Building blocks

8 months old babies recognize toys, furniture and other equipment. They understand that some elements are soft, some are hard, some are sharp and angular. Faced with building blocks, the child will start to use their hands to make two blocks collide with each other. They will also build blocks in various forms. It allows children to open their imaginations.

Play with sand

Children all love to play on the beach, and after 18 months the child has learned not to throw everything in your mouth, so you can let them play with sand. You can offer a variety of small tools, such as spatula, small hoes, buckets, etc., to allow children to create kinds of sand brick molds.


When children are about 2 years old, they can express their likes and dislikes and begin to show their personality. At this point, they need a doll. If you have a doll, they are especially girls, who may be treating themselves as a mother to treat baby faces, dressing, feeding, praising and condemning dolls. It is the toy of all girls' dreams.

Puzzle toys

Most of the puzzles are brightly colored and have a variety of patterns. They can effectively attract the children's eyes. When children play this toy, they will concentrate on the puzzles and think about it, thus promoting the development of children's vision. It is also possible to let the child know that "one whole" is made up of "many parts" and that many "parts" can piece together an "all". In this way, they cultivated their image thinking and logical thinking without knowing it.

Picture book

The eyes, mouth, hands of the two-year-old child have learned a lot of details. If they can find the understanding of the content of their picture book, how interesting it is! Of course, parents can teach their children to learn more through picture books. Of course, this simple drawing line, bright colors, they can recognize what needs to be done at a glance.

Car toys

When they are two or three years old, children can control their body parts to a large extent. They can drive a "car". They can go faster, go slower, and can ride "Malaysia". If the "car" can also upload their own small toys, and they can be very interesting to play themselves as a driver.

Animal toys who can walk around

Children are fascinated by the “animals” who can walk around, and they will gradually understand that the influence of a rope can be more inspiring than those of battery electric toy cars.

Choose the right toy and let it accompany the child to grow up healthily and happily.

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