Types of Intelligent Educational Toys and Children’s Choice of Toys

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Intelligent educational toys are toys that stimulate children's curiosity and develop children's creativity, imagination and other abilities in the process of children's games. They play an indispensable part in children's life.

1.Types of Intelligent Educational Toys

The specific expressions of Intelligent educational toys are following 5 types : building blocks, puzzle toys, matching toys, Rubik's cube, labyrinth.

building blocks

Building blocks educational toys are various three-dimensional shapes of toys which are made up of plastic, foam and wood. Each player can combine different small three-dimensional toys through their different thinking ,and create many forms in their own imagination; 

The puzzle toys are a piece of wood that has a complete figure which is divided into several small pieces of different shapes. The player is required to combine each piece into a wooden board according to certain combinations and rules by exerting their own thinking ability and memory. The educational puzzle toys are various, and according to the spatial structure, it can be divided into three-dimensional puzzles and two-dimensional puzzles;

Puzzle toy

Educational matching toys means that the player can find the animals, numbers and letters that are identical to each other by touching different shapes and observing different colors of animals or letters, and achieve the purpose that children can understand the numbers,letters and colors.

Rubik's cube educational toys are generally composed of 26 small cubes of a cube, forming a large cube with an axis that can be rotated continuously. This cube was originally composed of nine small squares in six colors. By continuously rotating the Rubik's cube, these cubes can display nearly 4,000 color combinations based on the principle of permutation and combination. Rubik's cube is currently very popular in the toy market, it is made of a flexible enough plastic to make it feel more comfortable;

Labyrinth educational toys are generally made of metal or plastic materials, usually by means of winding wires, rolling balls, etc., if the player can let the ball roll from the beginning and end to the end point, it will be successfully completed. Labyrinth educational toys can fully exercise the player's hand-eye coordination ability, improve the flexibility of the player's brain and hands, make the hands and brain more coordinated, and cultivate the patience of the player.

2.Children's Choice of Intelligent Educational Toys

Exploring the preference of 3-6 years old children for intelligent educational toys ,We found:

First, 3-6 years old children have a general preference for five types of intelligent educational toys, and most prefer to building blocks and puzzle toys.

Beads Lacing Toys

Second, children's choice of five types of intelligent educational toys are significantly different in age and gender: 3-4 years old children prefer to building blocks educational toys more than 4-5 years old and 5-6 years old children; 4-5 years old children obviously prefer the educational puzzle toys and educational matching toys; 5-6 years old children obviously prefer Rubik's cube educational toys; 4-5 years old children and 5-6 years old children prefer labyrinth educational toys. 3-6 years old children have gender differences in their choice of educational toys: boys prefer building blocks educational toys, Rubik's cube educational toys and educational labyrinth toys, and girls prefer the educational puzzle toys and educational matching toys.

Third, the age and gender of children influence children's choice of intelligent educational toys.

Therefore,  we need to recommend or purchase intelligent educational toys suitable for children of different ages and genders in order to give full play to the various aspects of  intelligent educational toys for children based on the understanding of educational toys.

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