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Building blocks are usually cubic pieces of wood or plastic solid toys, generally decorated with letters or pictures on each surface, allowing for different permutations or construction activities building blocks have various styles, can develop children's intelligence, can be spelled into houses, all kinds of animals and so on.

Building blocks help develop intelligence, train children's hand-eye coordination ability, arrangement in building blocks, bonding, ring, symmetry and so on are good for children's intelligence. When building blocks, children must be involved in proportion, symmetry and other issues, which is conducive to the early cultivation of the concept of children's numbers. Building blocks are conducive to children to play the imagination, the comprehensive use of a variety of different types of building blocks to build physical objects. Conducive to the development of their imagination and creativity.

building block toys

Children before the age of one have not yet formed a real concept of space. The standard hexahedron, which has a certain texture and conforms to mechanical principles, does not mean much to them, so it is best to choose interesting building blocks. Such as cloth building blocks, it is soft, bright colors, as well as animal or fruit patterns, so that children can feel color, recognize objects, develop tactile, etc., and do not have to worry about hard building blocks to hurt the child. Of course, if there are no such toys, dolls, stuffed animal toys, books and so on can do the same. Babies like to put all the things in their hands in their mouths, so it doesn't matter if it's woody. Wood or cloth building blocks, should be safe and non-toxic. More than 1-year-old children space consciousness is being formed, began to meet high. Even without building blocks, they like to pile everything together and watch it fall happily. What if you paint on a building block? Children prefer to play with home decorations such as dogs, cats or dolls. Because of children's physical control during this period, hand-eye coordination is not very good, so choose light building blocks to prevent building blocks from falling down. Space concepts, language, thinking and imagination of children in their 2-year-olds have all developed, the movement of the hand, the movement of the hand, Increased hand-eye coordination, you can do a little more complicated That's it. At this point, you can choose a standard building block, for example, two semicircles are exactly opposite to a positive circle, two short blocks add up to exactly the length of a long building block, and so on. This kind of building block can give children more space to create and express.

The building blocks embody a lot of mechanical principles. For example, different sizes of building blocks, stability is not the same, good stability is not easy to collapse, with building blocks to build a house, children will gradually realize the relationship between balance, symmetry and so on. Before building blocks, your child should have a plan, what to set up below, and what to put on it. All of this is of great benefit to the development of scientific thinking.

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