Why is a baby bathing cap necessary?

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This shower cap provides an ultimate barrier against irritating shampoo and water. It is has a Soft Eva substance that is ideal for the baby. The cap is devised with watertight Polyethylene fabric material to maintain dryness in your baby’s pretty hair. If your precious gift belongs to the age bracket 0-6years, then this is the right shower cap for her. You will always find it sparkling new and of top quality.

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Every baby requires a peaceful and comforting shower that entails proper breathing. Amber bath cap provides just that. This shower item is ultra soft and elastic suitable for a toddler. It spares your kid the agony of screaming the whole day by guarding the eyes from the infuriating shampoo. The shampoo will be a funny occurrence instead for the baby. It also set your baby’s face free of water and shampoo during washing.

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Kids are the biggest fans of cartoons and this particular shower cap provides exactly what they can relate to. The smiling frog face will make your baby happier than ever and cheerful too. It’s made up of Ethylene vinyl acetate which enables elasticity. The flexibility enables it to accommodate babies and kids of age group 0-6 years. There are two colors to choose from between yellow and green. The animated creatures include fish and frog. Get one and make your little one happier.

AMBER Shower Cap is unique because of its versatility; it can be used during washing as well as a normal cap to protect the baby against sunshine. The product is crafted using resin an extract from plants that makes it stand out. It makes your kids’ eyes a shampoo and water free zone. It is adjustable hence suitable for kids between 0-6 years. The cap also protects your baby’s eyes from hair during washing. Each packet comes with one piece.

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