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Our Quality
About our quality
Quality can only be achieved through the pursuit of excellence, advanced technics and best team. Control from the beginning of design. Our products are produced through molds, so having a high quality product mold is crucial. Also, the raw material were selected strictly, which are eco-friendly and certified by international institution.
We also strictly inspect the production and packaging. We take photos of every stage of production, which will be sent to our clients. We won’t deliver the goods without the confirmation from our clients. The first inspection of the production process. Before bulk production, they must be checked before they can be produced. Each time inspection should include at least 3 different products. We check the goods one time each two hours,and we must check at least 13pcs one time. If it is found to be unqualified, it will stop production immediately. In-plant QC inspection: The workshop director is responsible for the quality, from production to packaging. Control the quality from the first step of production, once a day.
Before delivery, the company QC team cross-checks the goods, documents are required: copy of the original item list + packaging details and design + inspection report + historical problem reminder. Only the goods inspection report is submitted, and the goods can be shipped. If the customer has special requirements such as third-party inspection, We will actively cooperate. 

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